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Conversation With Solopreneur Shikha Rathi, Puna, India

Conversation With Solopreneur Shikha Rathi, Puna, India

May 17, 2022

Shikha Rathi is an enterprising one-woman solopreneur making a difference in the local community in Pune, India.

Her business is called The Reup Studio.

Shikha takes wastes from the Indian textile industry and turns them into one of a kind garments.

As the waste offcuts are always different shapes and sizes, by necessity this requires Shikha to be creative in how her clothing is put together to achieve a similar look and feel.

She is especially proud of her team of expert local artisans who sew the garments because each item is a new and different pattern!

Shikha represents the HOPE that I see as individuals effectively rebel against the status quo of the wastefulness of so-called 'fast fashion'.

Follow Shikha on Instagram and on LinkedIn. When she announces the launch of her new website I hope you will support her with your wallets and purses open!

This is one of the ways we start to create a sustainable, circular economy. Eliminating the concept of waste locally and creating new, additional economic value.

  • Value for the company who's waste Shaika PURCHASES.
  • Value for the artisans who are EMPLOYED to sew garments
  • Value for the local community with additional REVENUE generated in the city 
  • Value for Shikha when you BUY from her Reup Studio.

Congratulations Shikha for your entrepreneurship and for bringing your VALUES to your work providing multiple benefits by first THINKING, then TAKING ACTION with sustainability and circular economy principles in mind.

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Part 2: Ken Alston in Conversation with David Ferdinand

Part 2: Ken Alston in Conversation with David Ferdinand

December 11, 2021

Part 2 of Ken Alston in conversation with David Ferninand.

This recording was made on December 11th, 2021 to coincide with David's "Quantum Pay It Forward" event and the recording of his Biodome film on the island of Ilha das Couves, Sao Sebastiao, Brazil. 

Note: Ken's conversations with David cover a diverse range of topics!

In this episode they talk about David's Quantum Giving event and the coincidence of recording on the 90th birthday of OSHO (the Enlightened Mystic of 21st century) and of various topics from OSHO's book "The Book of Secrets"

Open yourself up to personal growth opportunities with meditation and new subjects like the theory of Nothing - Point 0,0 Absolute.

theory of nothing

Contact David on Ilha das Couves, Sao Sebastiao on Facebook or WhatsApp (Brasil) +55 12997315251

The Pivotal Role Of Circular Economy With Michiel Doorn

The Pivotal Role Of Circular Economy With Michiel Doorn

December 8, 2021

Ken Alston in conversation with Michiel Doorn, co-founder of Circularity Edge about Michiel's new report on the Circular Economy.

Michiel talks about why he decided to write this report and reveals some of the pitfalls about creating a sustainable, circular economy based on recent work he's carried out at Circularity Edge.


Download Michiel's new report --> HERE.




Conversation with David Ferdinand, AKA ”David The Indian”

Conversation with David Ferdinand, AKA ”David The Indian”

October 23, 2021

A recent connection to David Ferdinand led to recording this conversation. David is an American citizen living on an island off the coast of Brazil near to São Sebastião, São Paulo.

Our conversation covers a range of issues related to susctainability, circular economy and life in general.

I like islands as a geographically constrained model for thinking about the input and output of materials in the "system" of the island.

The story of David the Indian which we talk about is one worth listening to. I can relate to it and see in the parable a connection to what we face with the concepts of a sustainable, circular economy.

We have the fog of unsustainability in a complex world right in front of us which we have to step into with faith that we will come out the other side with new clarity, wisdom and a belief in our abilities to solve the challenges we face.

David is a fascinating individual! Enjoy our conversation.

To listen to the story of "David The Indian" go to:

  • Look for the "Free audio" (mid screen)
  • Find the section "Parables" (bottom)
  • Find Track 4
  • Story 2
  • Time code for start of story is somewhere close to: 20:17 -29:00

For more on David and 'Ilha das Couves':

David's Facebook

For more information on The Circular Economy Forum of the Americas 2012 edition go to: CEFA2021

9-11-2021: A Day of Reflection On Life

9-11-2021: A Day of Reflection On Life

September 10, 2021

It’s the eve of the 20-year anniversary of the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks as I publish this short episode.

Today, as then, I’d normally I’d be thinking and working on matters relating to how we can change the way the global economy operates so that it creates positive, beneficial economic, environmental and social outcomes, in place of the many un-sustainable outcomes we still generate today.

But today (9/10/21) and tomorrow (9/11/21) space needs to be made for somber reflection on the attack on the United States that, in its own way, changed how the world works and lives.

In this podcast I recall my personal experience of the morning of 9-11-2001 and reflect on death as a part of Nature's life cycle and of the lives tragically cut short on that day and in the following days. 

I'm a cautiously optimistic person and I see hope in the future as individually and collectively we strive to leave the world a better place for having lived here on Earth.

Please consider a donation to The Never Forget Fund, the Flight 93 Memorial and The National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial.

If you wish to follow my work and engage with me, please "FOLLOW" my podcast and visit The Circular Academy.


Luxury Fashion By FromBelo

Luxury Fashion By FromBelo

July 6, 2021

Hi, Today I'm talking with Maria Costa of From Belo in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 

I'm excited to bring you this episode as Maria and her colleagues are woderful ambassadors for what's possible when you take your VALUES and create VALUE - social, environmental and economic intentionally, by design.

For those of you who don’t know From Belo – they create long lasting, beautiful fashion accessories that carry kindness in every seam.

As you will hear they address the biggest issues in their community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; namely, waste and poverty.

They turn trash into on-trend, yet timeless items that celebrate ethical craftsmanship.


I invite you to connect with Maria, buy their bags and suppport their fantastic artisan craftsmen and women!!


Instagram: @frombelo_ 


Maria’s Linkedin:


Universidad EAN, Bogota Colombia With Jose Alejandro Martinez Sepulveda

Universidad EAN, Bogota Colombia With Jose Alejandro Martinez Sepulveda

July 31, 2020

The new builing at Universidad EAN in Bogota, Colombia is arguably Colombia's most sustaining building to date! Listen to my interview with Jose Alejandro Martinez Sepulveda.


Jose is a long-time friend and colleague of mine.  He is the strategic development advisor for Sustainability coordination at Universidad EAN in Bogota, Colombia.


The combination of leadership and a vision in the University allied to a terrific team of people who led the conceptulatization, development, planning and construction.


This is an inspiring story of what can be done, even against the backdrop of budget constraints and the fact that this is being done in a country not previously known for "firsts" in sustainable construction. 




For more on the EAN University Legacy building please go here:


For more on the ICEHouse(TM) go here.


The New Horizontal Bed With Len Laycock

The New Horizontal Bed With Len Laycock

June 16, 2020

This week I enjoyed a restful conversation about beds with fellow ex-Brit Len Laycock who is now based in Vancouver, Canada.


Len is the designer of the new Horizontal Bed which boasts several unique design differences to conventional beds.


The Horizontal bed is is durable, long lasting and has replaceable parts to extend it's USE even further. 

Materials are chosen with care to ensure they are safe in use and can cycle safely after use. Listen now as Len explains all about the features and benefits of this new bed and how it was conceived following the design principles of a circular economy.


Read more about Len and Horizontal beds at

The First Repairable Sneaker Brand With Stefan Mathys of Vyn

The First Repairable Sneaker Brand With Stefan Mathys of Vyn

May 12, 2020

Join me in conversation with Stefan Mathys of Vyn as we discuss the evolution of thinking and design of a new sneaker that is made to last and is arguably the first repairable sneaker brand.

This is an inside look at a new entrepreneurial venture with the intention to become increasingly sustainable and circular, by design.

Our talk was recorded just a few weeks before the first invitation goes out to the public to become one of the first "VYNNERS" to own this innovative sneaker.

VYN was founded by Catherine Meuter and Stefan Mathys in 2019. You can find out more on their VYN WEBSITE.

VYN is also on Facebook & Instagram: 

Please, No More Green, Just More Good!

Please, No More Green, Just More Good!

May 6, 2020

Frankly, I’m tired of the green gloss that’s still being put on things.

Actually, I’ve been tired of it for over 20 years, but in recent weeks as more people are talking again about what the “new normal”, post-Covid-19 world might look like, there’s a resurgence of what I call “green speak”.

People calling for a green new deal...

...John Elkington riffing on Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “Black Swan” concept with “Green Swan”.

...Even the Ellen MacArthur foundation joining Green Recovery’s call for mobilization.

Enough already with the green!

It’s ineffective.

We don’t need any more greenwash or green anything unless perhaps it’s more green biologically diverse growth – like more native plants and trees growing thanks to solar powered chlorophyll. President Bolsonaro in Brazil and others – please take note.

When you pigeon-hole everything that’s GOOD that we want to do and mark it as being “Green” you effectively force all the GOOD work into being a niche topic that’s too easily politicized and sidelined.

Please join me - Let's advocate for no more GREEN - only GOOD!

Connect with me at Circularity Edge.

Join the new Circularity Edge Community of Practice.

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