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Luxury Fashion By FromBelo

Luxury Fashion By FromBelo

July 6, 2021

Hi, Today I'm talking with Maria Costa of From Belo in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 

I'm excited to bring you this episode as Maria and her colleagues are woderful ambassadors for what's possible when you take your VALUES and create VALUE - social, environmental and economic intentionally, by design.

For those of you who don’t know From Belo – they create long lasting, beautiful fashion accessories that carry kindness in every seam.

As you will hear they address the biggest issues in their community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; namely, waste and poverty.

They turn trash into on-trend, yet timeless items that celebrate ethical craftsmanship.


I invite you to connect with Maria, buy their bags and suppport their fantastic artisan craftsmen and women!!


Instagram: @frombelo_ 


Maria’s Linkedin:


Universidad EAN, Bogota Colombia With Jose Alejandro Martinez Sepulveda

Universidad EAN, Bogota Colombia With Jose Alejandro Martinez Sepulveda

July 31, 2020

The new builing at Universidad EAN in Bogota, Colombia is arguably Colombia's most sustaining building to date! Listen to my interview with Jose Alejandro Martinez Sepulveda.


Jose is a long-time friend and colleague of mine.  He is the strategic development advisor for Sustainability coordination at Universidad EAN in Bogota, Colombia.


The combination of leadership and a vision in the University allied to a terrific team of people who led the conceptulatization, development, planning and construction.


This is an inspiring story of what can be done, even against the backdrop of budget constraints and the fact that this is being done in a country not previously known for "firsts" in sustainable construction. 




For more on the EAN University Legacy building please go here:


For more on the ICEHouse(TM) go here.


The New Horizontal Bed With Len Laycock

The New Horizontal Bed With Len Laycock

June 16, 2020

This week I enjoyed a restful conversation about beds with fellow ex-Brit Len Laycock who is now based in Vancouver, Canada.


Len is the designer of the new Horizontal Bed which boasts several unique design differences to conventional beds.


The Horizontal bed is is durable, long lasting and has replaceable parts to extend it's USE even further. 

Materials are chosen with care to ensure they are safe in use and can cycle safely after use. Listen now as Len explains all about the features and benefits of this new bed and how it was conceived following the design principles of a circular economy.


Read more about Len and Horizontal beds at

The First Repairable Sneaker Brand With Stefan Mathys of Vyn

The First Repairable Sneaker Brand With Stefan Mathys of Vyn

May 12, 2020

Join me in conversation with Stefan Mathys of Vyn as we discuss the evolution of thinking and design of a new sneaker that is made to last and is arguably the first repairable sneaker brand.

This is an inside look at a new entrepreneurial venture with the intention to become increasingly sustainable and circular, by design.

Our talk was recorded just a few weeks before the first invitation goes out to the public to become one of the first "VYNNERS" to own this innovative sneaker.

VYN was founded by Catherine Meuter and Stefan Mathys in 2019. You can find out more on their VYN WEBSITE.

VYN is also on Facebook & Instagram: 

Please, No More Green, Just More Good!

Please, No More Green, Just More Good!

May 6, 2020

Frankly, I’m tired of the green gloss that’s still being put on things.

Actually, I’ve been tired of it for over 20 years, but in recent weeks as more people are talking again about what the “new normal”, post-Covid-19 world might look like, there’s a resurgence of what I call “green speak”.

People calling for a green new deal...

...John Elkington riffing on Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “Black Swan” concept with “Green Swan”.

...Even the Ellen MacArthur foundation joining Green Recovery’s call for mobilization.

Enough already with the green!

It’s ineffective.

We don’t need any more greenwash or green anything unless perhaps it’s more green biologically diverse growth – like more native plants and trees growing thanks to solar powered chlorophyll. President Bolsonaro in Brazil and others – please take note.

When you pigeon-hole everything that’s GOOD that we want to do and mark it as being “Green” you effectively force all the GOOD work into being a niche topic that’s too easily politicized and sidelined.

Please join me - Let's advocate for no more GREEN - only GOOD!

Connect with me at Circularity Edge.

Join the new Circularity Edge Community of Practice.

Conversation With Walter Stahel

Conversation With Walter Stahel

April 22, 2020

Today's podcast is a conversation I had yesterday with Walter Stahel.

Walter is one of the leading thinkers on matters concerning the circular economy and has been actively engaged on this subject for a lifetime. Walter is the founder-director of the Product-Life institute based in Switzerland. It is the oldest established consultancy in Europe devoted to developing sustainable strategies and policies.

Walter is the author of the book “The Circular Economy – A User’s Guide” published last year.

--> Book in English

--> Book in Spanish

What follows is an open conversation I had with Walter, with no pre-arranged topics or planning, other than a common desire to talk about our joint interest in promoting a transition to the circular economy.

I learned a lot from this conversation and I hope you do too.

Ken Alston and the Wild (and Wonderful) Day

Ken Alston and the Wild (and Wonderful) Day

April 8, 2020

Hi, this is Ken Alston with the Circularity Edge podcast.

Today is April 8th, 2020.

On the last episode I made an open invitation to you. A personal invitation to help you with your biggest challenges and the opportunity to talk together about big questions like: WHAT NOW? And WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

Well as the title of the podcast says, yesterday was a wild and wonderful day.

I’m extremely happy that some of you decided to take me up on my offer to talk because you’re the reason for my wild (and wonderful day)

Yesterday I video-conferenced with like-minded enthusiastic people in Sri Lanka, Colombia & Mexico, Norway and the West coast of the USA. Listen to the podcast for full details.

Go to my CALENDAR if you want to schedule a conversation with me about the big challenges you are dealing with.

Old World- New World

Old World- New World

March 31, 2020

Hi, this is Ken Alston with the Circularity Edge podcast.

Today is March 30th, 2020.

I’m starting right out of the gate with a personal offer to you. A personal invitation to help you with your biggest challenges and the opportunity to talk together about WHAT NOW? And WHERE WE GO FROM HERE.

You can schedule time on my calendar by going to:

Along with my colleagues in Circularity Edge, I’m creating a new community of committed individuals who want to change the world for the better through the ingenuity and creativity of business enterprise.

In this episode I talk about the effects of the pandemic, the current state of affairs in the USA and how we're facing a New World with New Rules.

Abundance and opportunity is all around us in the midst of the pandemic.

We have a unique opportunity to CO-CREATE the post-pandemic economy. 

I'm working in Circularity Edge on new training, new businesses and want to INVITE you to join the new COMMUNITY of PRACTICE we're building around new business enterprises.

Click to Schedule a call with Ken Alston


The Deathly History Of Germs

The Deathly History Of Germs

March 23, 2020

Reading is a vitally important activity to gain wisdom and learn from the past. 

I urge you to read 20 miniutes a day - every day.

I'll talk about two books, Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" (pictured) and Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs & Steel".

There's ample evidence in Jarod's book of the history of germs and their evolution from domesticated animals to infect humans.

We should have been and going forward need to be - better prepared.

I'll discuss the LOCAL significance of the coronavirus outbreak  and relate this to the Global-Local dynamic that's at play and is at the center of what we need to look at as we restart Global, Regional, National and Local economies.

There is an opportunity to put more priority on sustainable, circular solutions as we look to create more RESILIENT systems in place going forward.

More on resilience and abundance next time...

Stay Healthy,

Ken Alston

Join Me, Working at the Positive & Beneficial Sustainable Circularity Edge




First Survive, Then Evolve Or Die…

First Survive, Then Evolve Or Die…

March 21, 2020

It's a stark choice we face. The good news is - there is an upside, there is a wealth of opportunity in front of us.

It's nature's way of improving things over geologic time.

The most important thing right now is looking after yourself and your extended family so you are in good shape to survive, grow stronger and sustain your leadership to help others, for the short, medium and long term.survice-evolve-die

It’s a marathon we face, so find a pace you can maintain.

Frankly speaking, no one gives a damn about “sustainable development” or “circular economy” right now.

And that’s OK.

We’ve dropped to the bottom of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs and basic food, shelter and survival is the first order of the day for most of us.

Local, regional and National governments across the world are scrambling to deal with the health crisis and the economic consequences that are growing as fast as the virus is spreading and wreaking its deadly havoc.

In a very short space of geologic time we will get on top of this and most of us will literally be able to breathe again.

As we move into the “recovery” phase it’s incumbent on us to pause for a minute and not just go back to the old "business as usual" modality.

There is a unique opportunity to do some things differently as we begin to ramp up and conduct business again.

These can include changes to operate in a way that is more resilient to shocks, is more sustainable and yes, more circular.

Ironically, in the midst of this pandemic, we’re seeing Carbon emissions lower than anyone could have ever in their wildest dreams have dreamed of just a few days ago. But of course, it’s only a reflection of inactivity in business operations and not any long term systemic improvement we still need to bring about.

For me, right now I’m social distancing - like everyone else should.

Thankfully, my health is good and so far (touch wood) I’m Covid-19 symptom free.

Now I have some extra time to think and to create.

Along with my colleagues in CircularityEdge I’m working on new practical tools, techniques,  training and businesses that I confidently expect will fit the needs of the “new normal” we will move into later this year and next.

It may not be the same as our “old normal”, but that’s OK too.

Nature evolves and sometimes it’s a dramatic change in the external environment that forces a significant change in how the organism evolves…or dies.

Survivors adapt.

We will adapt.

In the coming weeks you will hear and see more from me about new insights and initiatives spurred on by this global pandemic and its effects.

Some of these initiatives will start LOCALLY and not only in the Unites States.

As I posted last week, ultimately, all sustainability is local.

If you want to keep in touch with me and learn about these initiatives as they are ready, you can do so (here) by subscribing to my podcast at: 

If you are interested in being a part of the change and or working closely with me in Circularity Edge on these new initiatives, contact me via the CONTACTS page at: or via my LinkedIn page.

Stay well and find ways to be part of the solution to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Best wishes, Ken


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