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Starting A New Year - Accepting Fate, Acting With Vision

Starting A New Year - Accepting Fate, Acting With Vision

January 6, 2020

In this podcast Ken talks about making New Year's Resolutions as we move into 2020. Not just STARTING, but acting with VISION (20:20) and accepting fate as we play the game, as we are NOT in control of the complex world we live in.

In renewing his personal commitment to working to design and implement a sustainable, circular economy Ken talks about the 2 main areas of his focus in 2020 and invites YOU to work with him in your city, mentoring and taking actions locally wherever you are in the world.

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New Year’s Revolution: 2020

New Year’s Revolution: 2020

December 31, 2019

In this podcast Ken reflects on 2019, the end of the decade and looks forward to the new year, the decade of the 2020's.

He calls for this to be the "Year (and Decade) of the RE-'s":

RE-VOLUTION now, starting on January 1st 2020.

RE-DO everything for positive, beneficial outcomes.

RE-THINK – Rethink the linear business model

RE-DESIGN – Redesign for circular business models

RE-USE – Reuse materials at the end of use which RE-QUIRES new product designs and new reverse logistics systems capable of being implemented on a LOCAL level.

RE-NEW – Renew your personal commitment to reducing your negative footprint on the planet and to increase your positive footprint.

RE-GENERATE – Regenerate the earth, put Carbon where it is meant to be – in soil, in living matter as productive carbon.

RE-ENERGIZE – Reenergize your power needs with clean renewable energy.

RE-DUCE – Reduce, then eliminate the BAD or negative footprint of the linear economy and then go beyond setting “less bad” goals to setting goals with positive, beneficial outcomes.

RE-VALUE – Revalue people, places and culture – locally and globally.

RE-PAIR – Repair goods and provide services to keep products at a high quality, operating for extended periods of time.

RE-EDUCATE – Put sustainable, circular economy into schools and universities, not just in the curriculum but also into the administration, the very operation of the institutions so that students are immersed in and experience a sustainable circular economy in the very fabric of their university experience.

And as many more "RE-'s" as is needed to create the REVOLUTION that's needed.

Viva La Revolucion – Economia Circular Sostenible!

The Circular Economy In Brazil with Alexandre Fernandes

The Circular Economy In Brazil with Alexandre Fernandes

December 1, 2019

I've known and worked with Alexandre Fernades for about ten years now! I first met him in Berlin and we've worked together in Brazil, the Carribean islands and across South America.

This podcast was recorded during the Circular Economy Forum of the Americas (#CEFA2019) in Medellin, Colombia. We talk about the sustainable circular economy and developments in Brazil.

Alexandre is an urbanist, Associate Consultant at GeoCidades, Senior advisor for the Circular Economy Platform for the Americas, CEP-Americas, dedicated to advocacy and strategy design applying the circular economy approach to systems on the different scales of the territory for a more sustainable development. 

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The WRITE Thing in Bogota, Colombia

The WRITE Thing in Bogota, Colombia

October 30, 2019

Today's episode tells the story of a humble pencil - Lapiz Grun.


It's an entrepreneurial venture to benefit vulnerable people in Colombia financially while simultaneously creating a closed loop cycle - for a sustainable circular economy - in graphite and in paper.

I am indebted to Juan David Pinzon, Jeffrey Jimenez and Ian Carlo Jimenez for contributing to this episode with their creativity and passion for making a difference in Bogota, In Colombia and the world.




Ken Alston with Jeffrey Jimenez at the CEID 12th Annual International Environmental Conference in Bogota, Colombia October 22, 2019.

Their project is an INSPIRATION and forms a model for what anyone can do anywhere.

How many materials you we imagine taking out of the waste stream and reconverting them to valuable goods and services.

Individually, initiatives like these seem small, but collectively they are HUGE.

Economic, social and environmental creativity and innovation - that's the heartbeat of a sustainable circular economy.

Learn more about Grun Management and the LapizGrun project:

Contact: gerencia @


“Cameling” in Medellin, Colombia with Mauricio Zenteno

“Cameling” in Medellin, Colombia with Mauricio Zenteno

October 4, 2019

In this edition, Ken Alston interviews Mauricio Zenteno, co-founder of the Camelhub in Medellin, Colombia.

Ken and Mauricio discuss the definition of Circular Economy, how the term is often misunderstood and the emerging opportunities in startups and the value of connecting through the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas network.



Climate Strikers - Revolution Part 2

Climate Strikers - Revolution Part 2

September 21, 2019

For details of the shared assets platform go to

Meet me here:

  • September 26th, Cali Epicenter of Development & Peace in Cali Colombia.
  • September 28-30th in Medellin , Colombia
  • October 2nd in Panama City, Panama.
Viva La Revolución!

Viva La Revolución!

September 12, 2019

Thoughts from my time in Bogota and Medellin, Colombia and interview with Kevin De Cuba - Co-founder of the Americas Sustainable Development Foundation and the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas.

Our Lungs Are On Fire!

Our Lungs Are On Fire!

August 27, 2019

This is Ken Alston with THE CIRCULARITY EDGE Podcast episode #3!


The lungs of the Earth – the Brazilian rainforest - is on fire and burning at a rapid pace.

Join me to discuss sustainable circular economy actions we can take on the eve of my visit to Bogota and Medellin, Colombia

Technical & Biological Cycles in a Sustainable Circular Economy

Technical & Biological Cycles in a Sustainable Circular Economy

August 20, 2019

In this episode of The Circularity Edge, Ken Alston discusses the principles of Circular Design and the need to design into safe technical and/or biological cycles. The need to design for multiple sustainability outcomes is reviewed along with examples of solar and wind turbines which are moving energy to non-renewable forms but are not currently designed for the circular economy.

The so-called "Butterfly diagram" from the Ellen MacArthur foundation is derived from the Technical and Biological cycles from the book "Cradle to Cradle - Remaking the Way We Make Things", by William McDonough & Michael Braungart, North Point Press, 2002.

Note: In reality the technical cycle is in the biological cycle as we are all on the Earth and are part of its biological cycle.

Introduction to Sustainability and the Circular Economy

Introduction to Sustainability and the Circular Economy

August 18, 2019

In this podcast I'll discuss the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution and where the concept of Sustainable Development came from. I'll talk about how for 32 years we've struggled to achieve "sustainability" and why the business response for over 27 years of "Eco-efficiency" is insufficient to the task. I'll introduce the concept of "Circular Economy" and begin to explain what it is.

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